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About Us

About the Company

Driven by the ties that bind us all, Kristen and Teresa, the founders of LAIT (pronounced “light”), aim to foster joy and inspire women and their families through thoughtful design, careful curation, sustainable practices, and beautiful styling. 

Created using letters in their last names, LAIT’s collection of distinctive mommy-and-me clothing embodies living your fullest, most authentic life and encouraging the same in your children, family, and friends. More than a feeling, we believe that creating a life you love begins with nurturing your community and tending to relationships with those in your inner circle.

Though headquartered in California, our wish is to nurture our global community by upholding the sustainable practices laid out in our sustainability policy. From using data to make educated supply chain decisions to reducing waste by creating styles on demand as they are ordered, our team is committed to leaving the planet better than we found it for our children.

Come with us on this journey as we explore the impact that fashion, love, and connection has on building a blissful and joyous life for you, your family, and your community-- both local and global.

Meet the Founders

Kristen, CEO

Kristen grew up in Canada and has long had a love for painting and mathematics. Her career working in private equity (where she met co-founder, Teresa, over 10 years ago) gave her the opportunity to partner with renown retailers and live throughout the world from New York to Berlin to Beijing to Auckland and more. LAIT is a culmination of her life experiences while traveling, and allows her to blend creative eye with data. Kristen’s source of inspiration for LAIT’s collections and practices is her mother, who balanced being a working mom with her love of her family throughout her childhood.

Teresa, COO

Teresa is the mother of two young boys-- Damian and Aaron. Throughout her career she worked at firms that invested and managed retailers known worldwide including Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. The connection between childhood and clothing, and the inspiration for LAIT, came into view for Teresa when she gifted her son with a pair of white sneakers that were similar to pairs she and her husband own. Upon receiving the sneakers her son exclaimed, “they're just like you and Daddy’s!” He immediately wanted to put them on in the house-- he couldn’t wait to wear them. To this day, this moment stands out among her memories.