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LAIT hopes to leave the planet better than we found it through sustainable practices.

Style Created With Zero Waste

Unlike traditional retailers who buy or produce and store items up to 6 months ahead of the season, our team creates each style at the time it is ordered, or in small batches and only when our community likes the style.  This practice reduces the waste that comes with overproduction, over-buying, and storing products that may not sell and prevents those items from going into landfills.

Ethical Production Process

While it should go without saying, we’ll say it: people absolutely matters! Our employees at every step in the process from garment production to customer service are paid a living wage and work in humane conditions. We hand-select our suppliers and ensure that they operate with their employees best interests in mind including safe infrastructure and compliance with all workplace regulations. We refuse to work with anyone who has questionable labor practices.

Quality Matters

Each garment we create must stand up to our quality standards to ensure we’re not contributing downstream waste. This ensures that our garments stay out of landfills whether our customers choose to resell them after a season or two or pass it down to a fellow mom and her child.